NAUTIC FIBER is a two-component polyester adhesive for professional use. It is applied with a trowel. Due to its very high mechanical resistance (ca. 25 MPa), it is primarily used to reinforce highly loaded glued joints, thus substituting the time-consuming lamination with glass mats and resins. It is used to join, fasten and fill construction elements made of polyester and epoxy laminates, rigid polyurethane foam and other materials. In addition, the product is easily applicable, has a very high mechanical resistance that guarantees a permanent connection between the glued elements, as well as very low shrinkage when curing (below 1 %).
NAUTIC FIBER is available in two versions: Nautic Fiber 15 and Nautic Fiber 30. They differ in gelation time (15 and 30 minutes, respectively) and mechanical properties. The versions Nautic Fiber 15W and Nautic Fiber 30W are equipped with a colour change indicator that shows if the adhesive has been properly mixed with the hardener.





Aprobata PRS:
Nr TT/1220/710250/07

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